Welcome to Stakehub,
where we are dedicated to transforming
the world of unlisted shares.

Our journey began as former users who experienced the challenges of investing in this market ,firsthand. Fueled by this experience, we set out with a clear vision to establish a transparent and reliable investment ecosystem accessible to all. At Stakehub, we believe in simplicity and accessibility for everyone. Transparency and reliability are at the core of our values, as we strive to build trust with our customers. Through thorough due diligence, detailed information, and clear terms, we ensure that only credible opportunities are presented to our investors. Our commitment to regular updates, and excellent customer support completes the foundation of our mission. We invite you to join us on this extraordinary investment journey, where informed decisions and confidence lead the way. Together, let's navigate the world of Unlisted shares with certainty and prosperity.

Why us?

Who will decide the market rate Us?

No it would be you investors who would be deciding over the effect of demand and supply

Excitement lost because of timely settlements

Not now! we provide same day settlements to your both buy and sell orders.

Would do the lengthy process of buying and selling?

Nah! instead of DIS(Delivery Instruction Slips) we use E-Dis through CDSL

Facing difficulties in finding investors for liquidity

Not now! with the portal and transparent pricing we intead to solve the liquadity problem in this market.

Struggling to Sell Shares at Desired Price.

Not now! Sell Your Existing Holding at the rate which buyers are buying. no extra margin from us.

Unable to track the updates on these companies

Not now! Track Updates of every company in your portfolio through the portal (from dividend ‚splits, buybacks and many more ).

Seize The Rare Investment Opportunities.